Your Ice Cream Ship Has Come In

Perhaps Sam-I-Am would have had an easier time if he was offering ice cream.

I was reading Dr. Seuss’ classic Green Eggs and Ham to my niece the other night. When I got to the part where Sam-I-Am tries to convince his reluctant friend to try the unappetizing dish on a boat, I immediately thought about my experience last summer on Moomers Ice Cream Cruise on the Tall Ship Manitou.

If you’re wondering how I made that mental jump, let me explain. It’s not hard to convince me to eat ice cream in any place or mode of transportation, but a boat is an entirely different matter. I have a tendency to get a bit seasick.

On this particular occasion, all went well, and I was able to enjoy (and keep down) the five flavors I sampled as we sailed around Michigan’s Grand Traverse Bay.

Which gets me to my next point. An ice cream cruise is a wonderfully unique way to celebrate National Ice Cream Month. In addition to Moomers, there are a number of ice cream cruises across America.

If you’re in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania this Sunday, join the Gateway Clipper Fleet for their 2 hour ice cream social. The family event features a DJ dance party and a magic show.

In Kentucky, you can enjoy an ice cream social while cruising on a riverboat. Pretty cool in every sense of the word.

Ice cream socials happen every Tuesday through Sunday on the Grand Bell of Geneva on Lake Geneva in Wisconsin. And in Newport, Kentucky, BB Riverboats has their Trauth Dairy Ice Cream Socials every Sunday from June 12 to August 28.

In Plymouth, Massachusetts, Plymouth Cruises has an ice cream cruise on Wednesdays and Fridays in July and August. You can also charter the boat to have your very own ice cream party.

To the southeast of Plymouth, the Shearwater offers ice cream cruises throughout the day on Nantucket Island.

Climb aboard Seattle Ferry Service in Seattle, Washington for their Sunday Ice Cream Cruise. This cruise operates year-round and features a tour by the Sleepless in Seattle houseboat.

If your area isn’t listed here and you live by water, there’s a good chance there’s a cruise operation near you. Give them a call and see if they do an ice cream cruise. If they don’t, beg and plead with them. A little groveling goes a long way.

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