Celebrating National Ice Cream Month

Make National Ice Cream Month extra special with an easy-to-make ice cream treat.

I’m probably sounding a bit like a broken record by now, but it’s worth reminding everyone that July is National Ice Cream Month. In my last blog, I pointed out a number of ice cream festivals, ice cream socials and celebrations taking place across the country in honor of this special month.

If one of these celebrations isn’t happening close to you, you can still get your scoop on. A simple trip to your favorite ice cream parlor is a perfectly fine way to celebrate National Ice Cream Month. That said, may I suggest bypassing the standard cone. Instead, go for something a bit more elaborate. Get a sundae, a banana split, or whatever special concoction the shop offers.

Enjoying a unique ice cream treat doesn't have to require any more effort that grabbing one of my new ice cream rolls.

You may prefer a nice quiet celebration at home. That’s perfectly fine. Once again, treat yourself to some type of unique ice cream dessert instead of getting the standard carton. I understand a very special ice cream company has just developed a new line of ice cream treats just in time for National Ice Cream Month (shameless plug).

For you DIY types, National Ice Cream Month is the perfect time to try your hand at homemade ice cream. It isn’t as hard as you would think. You can also try making a Baked Alaska, ice cream pie or some other special treat for your family.

There are countless ways to celebrate this special month. If you come up with your own unique celebration, let me know and take pictures. I’d love to blog about it.

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