National Ice Cream Month Is Here!

Get in the spirit of National Ice Cream Month! Decorate your home with ice cream decorations.

Grab your scoops and set your freezers to “Brrrrrr.” It’s National Ice Cream Month! The signs of National Ice Cream Month spirit are everywhere. Homes are adorned with ice cream ornaments and decorations. Children are on their best behavior with the hope of getting yet another scoop of ice cream. And the sounds of National Ice Cream Month music fills the air.

OK. While I may be exaggerating a tad how people celebrate this spectacular month, some out there have managed to get in the spirit of National Ice Cream Month with festivals, fairs and events.

Philadelphia just had their Super Scooper All-You-Can-Eat Ice Cream Festival this past Independence Day weekend. Chandler, Oklahoma, is holding their Ice Cream Festival on Saturday, June 11, and Toms River, New Jersey, is holding their 9th Annual New Jersey State Ice Cream Festival on Saturday, July 16.

If you’re in the mood for an ice cream social, there’s a good chance one is happening close to you. Grover Cleveland’s birthplace just had one this past Fourth of July weekend as did Virginia’s Shirley Plantation and the Marblehead Festival of Arts. The Middleborough Historical Museum is holding their ice cream social in Middleborough, Massachusetts on Sunday, July 17. Sci Fi fans in Colorado Springs, Colorado, can meet up at Rizuto’s Ice Cream Shop Friday, July 8 to enjoy ice cream and discuss science fiction. All participants are requested to set their phasers to stun.

Upcoming National Ice Cream Month celebrations include The Christmas House in Elmira, New York (July 8-10), The Cane River Green Market in Natchitoches, LA (July 23), and my personal favorite, the second annual Churn-a-ment in Portland, Oregon (July 8).

This Churn-a-ment pits Portland area chefs against each other in an ice cream making competition. Armed only with their recipes, ingredients and old-fashioned hand churns, the chefs have to come up with “what summer in Oregon tastes like.” This event is sponsored by the Dairy Farmers of Oregon, is free to the public and has free samples of Oregon’s finest ice cream.

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