I Scream For Ice Cream Especially When I’m Caffeinated!

My new Mocha Mud Ice Cream Roll.

If you caught my last blog, you know that coffee lovers and ice cream lovers have a new treat to enjoy — Uncle Harry’s Mocha Mud Ice Cream Roll. This is the last of my new ice cream rolls coming out in July in honor of National Ice Cream Month.

My Mocha Mud Ice Cream Roll blends my premium coffee flavored ice cream with a chocolate fudge swirl and is then covered in chocolate cookie crunch. While this description probably sounds pretty good to you, it did get me thinking.

Who on earth was the first person to think up the oddly-paired combination of coffee and ice cream?

This parfait is a far cry from the original French version that was, most likely, the origin of coffee flavored ice cream.

From what I can find out, coffee-flavored ice cream appears to have its roots in the parfait. This parfait is not the multi-layered one we know today. The original version of this dessert was created in 19th Century France using molds to form tall, thin shapes out of a coffee-flavored ice dessert.

The French name of parfait actually means “perfect” in English. While I think it takes a lot of gumption to name something you created “perfect,” I have to admit that coffee and ice cream is one stunning combination. Hey, maybe the French originally wanted to call the parfait “stunning” but decided against it since they knew Americans would have difficulty asking for an étourdissement (that’s French for “stunning”).

Rest assured, you’ll have no problem asking for my Mocha Mud Ice Cream Roll. Dare I say, it’s parfait!

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