A Berry Wonderful New Dessert

My nephew, prior to the Great Strawberry Incident of Pleasant Valley

Last weekend, I took my nephew and his two sisters to go strawberry picking. We’re in the heart of strawberry season here in Pleasant Valley, so I knew I was in store for some plump, juicy strawberries. When I arrived at the field, it was just as I predicted. The place was brimming with ripe strawberries.

What I didn’t foresee was the berry fight that would soon ensue and who would start it. The obvious choice for mischief would have been my nephew. He’s a bit of an imp and loves a good food fight. In this case, however, it was his 4-year-old sister who was the instigator.

My nephew was bent down picking berries as his little sister approached with her nearly full basket. I do not know what possessed her, but she must have thought he would look good as a strawberry blonde because she dumped her entire basket on his head. The sight of this caused their older sister to laugh hysterically, which did not set well with my nephew. He pelted her with a strawberry, she responded, missed, hit another child, who joined in the fray, then….well, let’s just say we left that field in short order with our heads hung low and stained red.

While we exited the field without a single strawberry (the owner told us to “just go” sans strawberries), I was able to treat my nieces and nephew to my new Strawberry Ice Cream Roll. The Strawberry Roll is one of the new products Uncle Harry’s is launching in July to celebrate National Ice Cream Month, and I thought it the perfect treat for this post picking, I mean, throwing occasion.

Uncle Harry's NEW Strawberry Ice Cream Roll

Thankfully, each sibling was able to refrain from throwing, dumping or shoving their slice on the other. It’s not hard to see why. Who would dare waste a single part of this strawberry and vanilla ice cream dessert covered in vanilla cookie crunch? Not these kids — at least, not on this day.

Unfortunately, I’m going to have to ask you to hold off on enjoying my strawberry ice cream roll for one more month. Then you can pick it fresh from the freezer at a supermarket near you.

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