Ice Cream Commercials From Around The World

There is one life lesson I learn again and again. Make an assumption about something and be prepared to be humbled. I thought ice cream ads from different parts of the world would vary greatly from region to region based on each country’s culture. I was wrong.

Oh, sure, the dress, language and music may differ, but the appeal of ice cream is universal. Almost all of the commercials I found creatively communicate the fun, delicious qualities of ice cream… except for some ads from parts of Asia. I’m still scratching my head over those.

Without further ado… ice cream commercials from around the world!

Australian Ad

Thailand Ad

An ad from the Philippines

A fun ad from Norway.

Swiss ice cream maker Movenpick's latest (and interesting) campaign.

An ice cream taco in Sweden.

From Korea. Don't try to figure it out. Just enjoy.

A Dutch commercial where the red and green colors in the ice cream cause havoc.

Germany, I think.


Ninja cows from Ireland.


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