Luxurious Ice Cream Advertising

Benicio Del Toro stars in this parody trailer for Magnum ice cream.

Check out an Uncle Harry’s Ice Cream Cake box and you’ll see that my ice cream cakes are made with premium ice cream. To those cynics out there, the use of “premium” is not some marketing ploy. There are different ice cream categories that include “economy,” “nonfat,” and “reduced fat.” Premium ice cream uses higher quality ingredients.

A clever ad for the discontinued Godiva ice cream.

Another ad for Godiva ice cream.

I love this campaign for Kapiti's designer ice cream.

Second in the series.

Last in the series.

Part advertising. Part performance art for Magnum ice cream.

I use premium ice cream for the sole reason that it just tastes better. While I’m not trying to make my cakes and desserts into some kind of delicacy, there are some ice cream companies out there that, as my marketing guru tells me, want to “position” their products as luxury items.

I found some examples of this luxurious ice cream meeting creative marketing. I think my absolute favorite are the print ads for Kapiti designer ice cream.

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