Ice Cream Ads For The Good Of Others

A great ad addressing hunger in South Africa.

When it comes to advertising, it probably helps to be a little cynical. With all the offers, claims and hypes, a little skepticism goes a long way. No matter how leery I am about most ads, I become completely disarmed by pitches for good causes. If you add ice cream to the mix, then all doubts and suspicions disappear.

Two ad campaigns to help children in need illustrate just how great ice cream is as a vehicle for promoting their messages. A very creative ad for the South African charity, Peninsula School Feeding Association, shows how a hungry child can’t concentrate on their studies when all he or she can think about is eating. This ad may take a second to understand until you find the continent shaped like ice cream.

The Oh So Good Ice Cream campaign in Sweden advertised 50 Krona (about $8) ice cream with sales benefiting those in need.

In Sweden, the charity Stockholms Stadsmission came up with a very impressive campaign to address the problem of helping children living in poverty. The charity wanted to do something different than the typical outreach campaign that targeted people’s sympathies. Instead, they chose to raise money by selling a fun, uplifting product; ice cream. It helped that Swedes are big time ice cream lovers.

The campaign featured print, radio and social media advertising and raised awareness across Sweden for their cause. This goes to prove my long-held theory that most problems can be solved through ice cream.

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