Ice Cream and Advertising

Is there anything more mournful to a child than a dropped ice cream?

When I first started my ice cream cake making business years ago, one of my chief concerns was how to advertise my product. I chose to do some print ads – mainly because I couldn’t afford anything else. The ads worked and Uncle Harry’s Ice Cream was off and running.

To this day, the Uncle Harry’s team looks for new and fresh ways to get the word out about my ice cream cakes. I’m also always curious how others advertise their ice cream products. Some are amazingly creative while others are just so-so.

To advertise their sponsorship of Theater for children, India food company Britannia brilliantly used the dropped cone to convey the genre of tragedy.

Over the next couple of weeks, I’m going to be blogging about ads advertising ice cream and those inspired by ice cream. There are ads that will blow you away and some that leave you scratching your head.

To start off, I’ve found some ads that use the common theme of the dropped ice cream. Is there any better way to communicate shock and sorrow?

According to this commercial, France must have a problem with ice cream loving elephants.

I just love this ad for the Ford Focus.

It appears VW had a similar concept.

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