Tail Wagging Ice Cream

Christian Liendo licks the problem of dogs and ice cream.

If you’re an ice cream lover and a dog lover, you know the two don’t mix. Feed your dog a bowl of your favorite treat and you’ll soon be inhaling a noxious odor or, most likely, having one nose-pinching mess to clean up.

Witnessing the mournful whining and over-sized longing eyes of our best friends as we withhold a single lick of enjoyment can be heart-breaking. Apparently, these pleading tones were too much for some to bear. A budding scientist in New York and some enterprising individuals in London each took it upon themselves to create ice cream just for dogs.

Christian Liendo, of Queens, came up with his canine-friendly concoction as part of a contest. While his carrot and ginger flavors didn’t win him first place with the judges, he was top dog with, well, dogs. Christian plans on getting his doggie ice cream into parlors so owners and dogs can lick the heat with their favorite treat together.

The only known ice cream van just for dogs.

Across the pond, London’s dogs can get Canine Cookie Crunch and Dog Eat Hog World from the K99 ice cream van. The unique ice cream truck caters only to dogs with its dog biscuits ice cream mix and chicken/ham ice cream. Like any self-respecting ice cream truck, this one plays music to get customers’ attention. In this case, it’s the theme song to Scooby-Doo. Proceeds from the sale of the ice cream go to the Berkshire Search and Rescue Dogs.

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