Public Service Announcement

With warmer months comes increased ice cream consumption.

With temperatures now averaging above sixty, people everywhere will be maximizing their warm weather activities. I urge you to take caution as you transition from your near dormant winter self to your more lively spring and summer self. To just go from zero to sixty can lead to a number of unfortunate, and unintended, outcomes.

Chief among these is the dreaded ice cream headache or brain freeze. This condition can occur when you eat ice cream. The cold ice cream can touch the palate which leads to blood vessels in the head to dilate. Next the pain receptors basically give the trigeminal nerve a sharp kick which gives you that pain known as the brain freeze.

While a recent study proves that brain freezes can occur regardless of the temperature outside, cases are most likely to happen in warmer months.

The reason for this is simple. During the winter, you could eat your ice cream at a more leisurely pace because the colder temperatures kept your ice cream from melting too quickly.

This all changes with warmer temps. As the heat increases, your ice cream melts more rapidly. This causes you to lick your ice cream at an accelerated pace. With each lick entering your mouth more quickly, chances increase that the ice cream is going to make contact with your palate.

Thankfully, you can take steps to help avoid this debilitating condition. The easiest way is to eat your ice cream inside. Instead of taking that cone you just bought outside, sit down in the ice cream shop and enjoy it at a slower pace.

If you just have to eat your ice cream outside, and find yourself experiencing a brain freeze, apply your tongue to the roof of your mouth. The warmth of the tongue will help offset the coldness on your palate and help ease your brain freeze.

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