Bridgeport, Texas

Bridgeport, the stagecoach capital of Texas

Recently, I visited a grand opening of a Brookshire’s store in Bridgeport, Texas. I’d like to say the main draw for the grand opening was the Uncle Harry Ice Cream Cakes located in the store’s bakery section, but I think the catfish pond outside had a bigger following that day.

For the grand opening, Brookshire’s had set up a portable pond stocked with over 200 catfish for kids to catch. This was the first grand opening I’ve ever visited with such a draw. Only in Texas.

The new Brookshire's in Bridgeport, Texas.

Being from a small town myself, I loved Bridgeport. Less than 6000 people reside there, but, being Texans, they leave a big impression on guests to their town. Everyone I met was friendly and hospitable.

Bridgeport itself is recognized as the stagecoach capital of Texas. To be honest, I’m not sure why that is. There’s no stagecoach factory. I didn’t see any people riding around in stagecoaches… which would have been fantastic. The only stagecoach I did see was the one on display in the downtown visitors center. Of course, this is why I love Texas and Texans. Even in the smallest of Texas towns, they make the biggest, boldest statements. I, for one, think they didn’t go far enough with their claim. Bridgeport, Texas, the stagecoach capital of America. That sounds about right.

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