Top Off Your Attire With Ice Cream

Now this is fashion design at its highest.

The fashion world has always baffled me. I’ve watched TV shows where clothes designers concoct outfits that I don’t see anyone wearing anywhere outside of the fashion runway. Don’t get me wrong. These designers have amazing creativity. I just can’t imagine my neighbor Marge heading off to her job at the courthouse wearing a big feathery hat, 18-inch heels and a dress that, well, could basically be illegal in 47 states in the union.

Why did this designer stop at just 7 scoops?

This long-standing opinion of mine regarding the fashion industry has undergone a recent adjustment. This is thanks to some very imaginative hat designers. A number of these top-of-their field fashion gurus have created head wear inspired by ice cream. I’ll admit that some of these fall into the category of novelty hats. There are a number, however, that are bona fide designs. I’m even thinking of getting one for Marge as a gift. I can only hope she’ll wear it to work. I’d love to see the look on the faces in the courtroom as she performs her job as court stenographer.

This is my favorite hat of all time.

The ice cream hat your teenager will be happy to wear.

Kids hat number one.

Kids hat number two.

Kids hat number three.

Order this now so you have it in time for National Ice Cream month in July.

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