The Art Of Ice Cream

Dropped Cone by Claes Oldenburg

For a lot of us, ice cream is just a dessert. An amazingly fantastic dessert, but a dessert nonetheless. For some out there, ice cream is much more. There are some artistic types for which ice cream holds the elevated position of muse.

Don’t giggle. Look to the world of art, fashion, music, dance, poetry and design, and you’ll find lots of really creative stuff inspired by ice cream. While I’m no art expert, I’d venture to guess that the most famous of these are sculptures by a Swedish artist named Claes Oldenburg. Mr. Oldenburg creates larger-than life-sculptures that can be found on public display worldwide. On more than one occasion, ice cream was his subject matter. My favorite is one titled Dropped Cone. Basically, it’s a giant upside down ice cream cone that looks as if it were dropped by a giant and landed on the top corner of a building in Cologne, Germany.

Mr. Oldenburg isn’t the only sculptor who felt compelled to create ice cream art. Below are a number of ice cream inspired pieces. Sadly, I couldn’t find a single ice cream cake sculpture.

Orest Keywan's prize winning sculpture of a melting ice cream truck.

To see Gavin Younge's ice cream sculpture, you'll need to visit Cape Town.

The coolest ice cream truck ever.

Peter Anton's spilled ice cream sundae.

Ice cream seems to be a constant theme in sculptures by Tim Berg and Rebekah Myers.

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