St. Patrick’s Day

Murphy's Ice Cream is relatively new to Ireland, but a favorite among the Irish.

St. Patrick’s Day is upon us. Don your green attire. Find a four-leaf clover. Keep an eye out for Leprechauns. Above all, toast the day with some ice cream.

If you think I’ve come up with just another excuse to celebrate an occasion with ice cream, you’re mistaken. The Irish love ice cream. They are a  top-ten ice cream consuming country. Even when times are tough, the Irish eat ice cream. Back in the 1920’s, the average weekly wage in Ireland was around $6. Still, the Irish always seemed to have enough money to purchase a pint of ice cream to enjoy after mass on Sundays.

The best St. Patrick's Day drink.

With that knowledge in hand, it would be a grave injustice indeed not to give St. Patrick his due by celebrating his day with some ice cream. The good news is, you have lots of options. The easiest way is to grab a pint of green ice cream. Pistachio, green tea or mint chocolate chip are the obvious choices. If you don’t find those flavors appealing, just add a little green food coloring to your favorite flavor (or ice cream cake).

For those who want to put a little more effort into your St. Patrick’s Day ice cream treat, make a leprechaun ice cream pie. It’s very easy to do and fun for the kids. If you just have to celebrate the day with a pint, try a Green Shamrock Milk Shake. I can think of no better drink to enjoy on the 17th.

However you choose to celebrate this special day, take this old Irish saying to heart; “May your heart be full of love, your house full of friends, and your tummy full of ice cream.” As far as old Irish sayings go, I admit, this one is old as about three minutes ago.

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