More Reasons To Enjoy An Ice Cream Cake

Celebrate Ear Muffs Day this Sunday with an ice cream cake.

I’m kind of on a kick about people thinking ice cream cakes are only for special occasions. While I truly believe one doesn’t need a birthday or an anniversary or some other justification to enjoy an ice cream cake, I understand some of you out there still don’t feel right eating this dessert-of-desserts without some sort of special day.

Well for you sticklers, there’s good news. Every single day of the year is a special day. For instance, we all know St. Patrick’s Day is March 17, but did you know it was also Submarine Day? Celebrate these underwater vessels and dive into an ice cream cake.

On March 15, you can kick up your heels for the Ides of March or you can just enjoy a nice Everything You Think Is Wrong Day. On this special day, do something right and feast on an ice cream cake. You may even want to sing a song. “Happy everything you think is wrong day to you, happy everything you think is wrong day to you”…and so forth.

Don't forget to serve your out-of-earth guests ice cream cake this Extraterrestrial Abductions Day.

March 20 is International Earth Day, but more importantly, it’s Extraterrestrial Abductions Day. Does one need a better reason to throw a party and chow down on an ice cream cake? If you just happen to be one of those unfortunate individuals who may experience the occasional alien abduction, having an ice cream cake around for unexpected guests can come in handy.

Do you know someone named Joe? Commemorate National Joe Day on March 27 with an ice cream cake. I’m sure Joe will be thrilled.

Other March holidays include Something on a Stick Day (March 28), Smoke and Mirrors Day (March 29) and I Am In Control Day (March 30). So, put a slice of ice cream cake on a stick, make a slice disappear (eating it is acceptable) and take control of your dessert enjoyment and get an ice cream cake.

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