Cold Weather Ice Cream Countries – Part 3

The hot fudge sundae is a favorite among Canadians.

The last of our cold-weather ice cream loving nations is none other than our northern neighbor, Canada. The land of the maple leaf is another top-ten ice cream consuming country.

In addition to its world-class status as an ice cream eater, Canada is also home to ice cream glory. Back in 1988, the biggest ice cream sundae was made in Edmonton, Alberta. An empty swimming pool was used as a giant bowl and the record creation weighed in at 24 tons.

Apparently, sundaes are a big thing in Canada (no pun intended…ok, it was intended). Canadians affection for ice cream sundaes seems to have prompted the company, Smucker’s, to do a sundae survey there. Among Smucker’s findings was the fact that 89 percent of Canadians preferred to top off their sundae with hot fudge syrup. Chocolate and caramel tied for second.

This is one of the top ten places for ice cream in the world.

Canada is also home to one of the world’s top 10 places for ice cream. Cows on Prince Edward Island was picked for the high-quality of its ice cream and quirky flavor names. Now, if there’s any confusion, Cows is the name of the company and not a heard of bovine serving up ice cream cones. If you can’t make it to Canada to sample Cows, you can still get some of their fun merchandise.

If you ever do make it to Canada, you may want to suggest that they trade in their sundaes for the vastly superior ice cream cake. Hey, it’s just a suggestion.

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