Cold Weather Ice Cream Countries; Part 1

A line for an ice cream shop is not uncommon in Denmark. However, this shot was taken on a day when temperatures were around 26F.

Crunched between the frigid North and Baltic Seas is the Nordic nation of Denmark. Despite the cold environment, the country is home to the world’s happiest people. There are different theories as to why Danes are so cheerful, but I alone know the real answer. It is, of course, ice cream.

The Danes have a thing for ice cream. Year after year, Denmark makes the top ten list of ice cream loving countries. A person just can’t help but be happy when eating ice cream.

How did Denmark become one of the world's leading ice cream consumers? Just look at the size of their cones!

When you love ice cream this much, it helps if your country is a dairy nation — as is Denmark. The nation’s enjoyment of dairy’s most useful product is best illustrated by the roadside stands that once populated Denmark’s countryside. Forget about finding fresh tomatoes or ears of corn at these stalls. These were run by local dairy cooperatives, and they sold ice cream.

Today, modern industrialization has replaced the small dairy farmer and put an end to roadside dairy stands. That hasn’t stopped the Danes’ ice cream enjoyment. They just head to the local ice cream parlor to grab a cone. Of course, this being an ice cream loving country, it’s quite common to experience long lines at the ice cream shop.

Perhaps the pinnacle of ice cream enjoyment is a Danish tradition I discovered. As I understand it, it’s quite common to serve an ice cream layer cake when having a dinner party. It may just be my opinion, but this is a lesson Americans can learn from the Danes. No, really, Americans need to copy Denmark on this one. I can even recommend an ice cream cake or two that you might enjoy.

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