Ready For Spring

A certain groundhog predicted an early spring this year.

We are guaranteed an early spring this year. At least that’s what the weather-predicting groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil, promised. While I’ve always been dubious concerning his forecasting abilities, I became one of the faithful when we hit a warm streak last week.

With temperatures above teeth-chattering, I donned a short-sleeved shirt and headed outside. I had a bounce to my step as I strolled through the neighborhood. I took stock of fresh buds on plants and listened to birds gleefully chirping all around me. That evening, I lay my head down as my thoughts turned to family barbecues and the beginning of ice cream season.

The next morning I was scraping frost off my windshield. Punxsutawney Phil is a fraud.

Photographic proof that ice cream is best enjoyed cold.

I admit, I grew a tad melancholy that ice cream season would have to wait. Then I remembered that Alaska leads the nation in ice cream consumption per capita. Can it be that our coldest state’s love of ice cream proves that one doesn’t need warm weather to enjoy the best treat on the planet? Or is Alaska a fluke?

I sat down at my computer with hot chocolate in hand and my space heater cranked to high and started Googling. The results? Alaska is not alone. Of the top ten ice cream consuming countries, four enjoy fairly frigid temperatures. Of those, three include regions that lie within the Arctic Circle.

To celebrate these nations, I’m dedicating my next two weeks of blogs to them. It’s the least I can do to recognize those countries that enjoy ice cream regardless of what the thermometer says outside. That is, if you can read it considering it’s probably covered in snow.

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