Valentine’s Day Ideas

Ice cream cone bouquets with real and ceramic cones.

I last blogged about giving ice cream flowers as a creative Valentine’s Day gift. While I still love that idea, I found some other unique and fun ways to say “I love you” to the ice cream lover in your life.

If it’s a must that you give real flowers, try an ice cream cone bouquet. You just need flowers and some type of cone. Some may prefer edible cones, but the flowers will probably last longer in an ice cream cone vase.

Try a heart-shaped ice cream sandwich for Valentine's Day.

You can put your heart into your gift by making your own heart-shaped ice cream treat. Try Martha Stewart’s recipes for Chocolate Strawberry Ice Cream Sandwiches or Chocolate and Raspberry Heart Napoleons.

If you’re looking to give your kids a treat this Valentine’s Day, you can simply open a carton of strawberry ice cream and add some strawberries. With a little extra effort, and some additional ingredients, you can create that special Valentine’s Day Sundae.

Of course, you can always head out to your favorite ice cream parlor to celebrate with a cone. Better yet, shoot over to your local supermarket and get an Uncle Harry’s Ice Cream Cake. I hear they’re quite yummy.

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