The Gold, Silver and Bronze Of Ice Cream Eating

The land of sheep and ice cream eating.

If ice cream consumption were an Olympic competition, the same three countries would always be competing for gold, silver and bronze. You probably won’t be shocked to learn that the United States is one of the medal contenders. The other two may come as more of a surprise.

If you’re at a loss as to whom these ice cream fanatics are, I’ll give you a few hints. First, There are no countries between them, yet they are 1338 miles apart. Nothing? OK, second hint. The people of both countries speak English. Now that we narrowed it down to around 50 choices I’ll give you the last hint. Each country is enjoying their summer (i.e., ice cream) season.

If you answered Australia and New Zealand, give yourself a big pat on the back. Now for bonus points. Which country takes the gold for ice cream consumption per capita? It’s none other than the underdog of the three, New Zealand. While the United States typically is first, New Zealand recently took over the top position with 28.4 liters per person with the US at 26.4 liters and Australia at 18 liters.

New Zealand’s love for ice cream should not be taken lightly as one ice cream manufacturer learned. When the New Zealand ice cream company, Tip Top, eliminated their Mint Trumpet, Grapefruit Fruju and Lemon Fruju ice cream treats, a social network revolution sprung up and demanded that the company bring back the flavors. Tip Top relented and reinstated the flavors.

In New Zealand, doing the Hokey Pokey takes on a new meaning.

This ice cream revolution shows how seriously Kiwis (New Zealanders) are about their ice cream. This is especially true since those flavors aren’t even considered the country’s favorite. That distinction goes to Hokey Pokey. While vanilla is the top choice worldwide, New Zealand’s choice is no Plain Jane. Hokey Pokey is a wonderfully sounding concoction of vanilla, honeycomb and chocolate. I hate to imagine what would happen if this flavor was eliminated in New Zealand. No doubt, it would be nothing short of anarchy.

While I’d like to tip my hat to the Kiwis for their love of ice cream, I’m more inclined to say that the USA is going to get the gold next year. Look out New Zealand. America’s got spoons and we know how to use them.

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