It’s Ice Cream Season

We pray for snow to melt and look forward to the day we try to keep our ice cream from dripping.

Right now, at this very minute, about 880,000,000 people are enjoying the peak of ice cream season. If you’ve just dug your car out of the snow for the umpteenth time this winter, you’re probably not counting yourself as one of them. That’s probably because you don’t live in Earth’s southern hemisphere whose citizens are currently enjoying summer.

For those lucky individuals who live south of the Equator, it’s that time of the year when people end meals with ice cream, take their kids to their favorite parlor, celebrate with ice cream cakes, and try to eat their cone before the hot summer sun melts it all over their hand.

Here’s your chance to escape the winter blues and live vicariously through your southern neighbors. Just follow my blog over the next two weeks. I’ll be writing about southern hemisphere countries and their love for ice cream. First up are two countries that compete with the USA as the leader in ice cream consumption.

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