Alaska Themed Party

President Eisenhower signing bill to make Alaska a state.

Fifty-two years ago this month Alaska became our 49th state. While most of us missed Alaska’s 50th anniversary two years ago, it’s not too late to celebrate number 52. What better way to mark the occasion than with an Alaskan-themed party.

To create your Alaska environment, you can get winter themed decorations at any of the party websites. Some of you more ambitious Martha Stewart types will want to make your own. Good for you. Start by creating snow covered trees out of white balloons or styrofoam. Ditto for snowmen and igloos. Put down your very own polar bear rug using nothing more than cotton balls and paper plates. Of course, you’ll need some snow. That’s as easy as hanging paper snowflakes throughout your place. The decor for your party is as wide open as your creativity.

Every Alaska party needs a little Moose Munch.

Of course, an Alaskan party needs the proper food. Start with some bowls of moose munch. While you can make this, you may want to avoid the mess and just get some from the store. If coffee is to be served at your party, make an igloo centerpiece out of sugar cubes instead of offering packets of sweetener. For dessert, try making Baked Alaska. It’s fairly easy and very tasty. Of course, it is Alaska’s birthday, so a birthday cake may make more sense. Coincidentally, I know just the place to get a nice ice cream cake.

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