Alaska’s Ice Cream Joints

Our southernmost point, northernmost point and northernmost city.

Quick. Name the southernmost point in the United States. Most of you know it’s Key West, Florida. Mainly because you’ve been there and have a photo of yourself standing in front of the iconic black, yellow and red concrete buoy that marks the spot. Now name the northernmost point of the United States. If your mind conjured up, “somewhere in Alaska,” you’re not alone.

If you want to visit our northernmost point, you’ll need to make your way to Barrow, Alaska. Get in some type of four wheel vehicle and travel a bit northeast to Point Barrow. Take a look around and quickly get back to Barrow before you freeze to death. Once back in Barrow, you’ll probably want to celebrate your accomplishment with some ice cream. Head over to Brower’s Cafe. While they’re not officially an ice cream parlor, I’m willing to name them America’s northernmost ice cream parlor just because they serve ice cream so close to the Arctic.

The best ice cream parlor in Fairbanks.

If it’s a must that you eat at an official ice cream parlor, you’ll need to head a bit south to Fairbanks, Alaska. You’ll want to skip the chains and head straight to Hot Licks. Started by brothers Geoff and Adam Wool in 1986, this ice cream parlor serves homemade ice cream using all natural ingredients. The brothers must be doing something right because they made USA Today’s “Top Parlors In 50 States.”

The year before Geoff and Adam opened Hot Licks, David Smith and Don Dye started Alaska Supreme Ice Cream, Inc. This wholesale manufacturer of ice cream has been operating in the state for over 25 years. It sounds like the two owners picked the right state for an ice cream business since Mr. Smith calculated that three quarts of ice cream are consumed per Alaskan each week.

So the next time you’re contemplating a trip to Florida, think about heading to Alaska instead. Sure, the temperatures are a bit colder, but you’re sure to get some tasty ice cream. Plus it probably won’t melt all over your hand while you eat it.

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