One State Proves Ice Cream Is Best Served Cold

Just another Alaskan family making a trip to the ice cream parlor.

My dad use to say that his brother was such a good salesman that he could sell ice to an Eskimo. While I was always doubtful my uncle was that gifted, he could have made a decent living selling ice cream to Alaskans. Apparently, the citizens of the 49th state eat so much of it that they’ve made the state number one in ice cream consumption per capita. Not bad for a state with freezing temps.

If my uncle were to try to open an ice cream parlor in Alaska, he’d need the good stuff. It turns out these hearty folks turn their collective noses up at anything other than high quality ice cream. One unnamed ice cream franchise found out the hard way that what sells in the lower 48 doesn’t stand a lick of a chance in the Land of the Midnight Sun. They weren’t open too long before they closed their doors and retreated south. Contrast that with a franchise specializing in premium ice cream who set up shop and is doing very well with Alaskans.

During the month of January, I’ll be blogging about Alaska, to honor these great individuals and their love for ice cream. So, during the coldest month of the year, I’ll be sharing stories about the coldest state’s love for the coldest dessert. Enjoy!

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