A Very Merry Ice Cream Season. Lesson Three.

My kind of snowball.

January snowstorms are fine. In February, I’m kind of neutral towards the white stuff. Come March, I shake my snow shovel with great intimidation toward any snowflake I see. If I catch the mere glimpse of it in April, I start looking at real estate listings in Florida.

That said, there’s nothing like snow for the holidays. It adds a real sense of wonderment to the season. I love sipping a cup of hot chocolate as I watch snow fall against the glow of holiday lights. There truly is nothing like it.

Try your hand at snow ice cream this holiday.

Sadly, not everyone gets to enjoy snow this time of the year. If you’re one of those left wanting for the white stuff, I have a possible solution. While you may not be able to have snow, you can have snowballs — ice cream snowballs. The great thing about making these is you can use any flavor of ice cream you like for the inside. The same can’t be said for the outside. To get the snowball look, you really need a white topping. While most recipes call for coconut shavings or flakes, you can try marshmallows or white chocolate.

For those lucky enough to get snow for the holidays, try your hand at making ice cream from snow. The key here is fresh, clean snow. So get it before anybody walks through it. Also make sure there’s no debris in it. Most importantly, don’t scoop it up where Baily does his business.

If you get a chance to make ice cream snowballs or ice cream from snow, I’d love to see the final result. Shoot me some pictures.

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