A Very Merry Ice Cream Season. Lesson Two.

A holiday version of the ice cream sandwich

If you read my first blog for “A Very Merry Ice Cream Season,” you discovered how to decorate your Christmas tree with ice cream themed ornaments. In lesson two, I’ll show you how to eat the tree.

Before you cut off a branch and begin nibbling on pine needles, allow me to clarify. The Christmas trees I want you to enjoy are edible. More importantly, they’re created with ice cream.

Fans of ice cream bars will love the holiday version of this classic treat. The first step is to acquire a tree-shaped cookie cutter. Beyond that, you’ll need some cookie dough, a tub of ice cream, food coloring, frosting and some candy ornaments. The instructions are fairly easy, so this can be a fun project to do with the kids.

Ice cream cones make the perfect tree.

Another DIY ice cream tree treat is the ice cream cone Christmas tree. On this one, you can go with or without the ice cream. I, of course, suggest going with the ice cream. That said, the most important element of this project is the cone. Make certain you get the pointy sugar cones. The standard flat bottom ice cream cone will look like a tree with its top lopped off, and the unevenness of a waffle cone may cause your tree to topple.

While both of these projects are fun to do, the real enjoyment comes from eating them.

If you decide to make either of these, or create your own ice cream tree, please send me the photos. I’d love to see them.

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