Turkey Ice Cream?

Imagine Rockwell's iconic image with a big bowl of ice cream.

Tomorrow, families across America will celebrate a truly American tradition, Thanksgiving. I was looking forward to enjoying bird day myself when I got a weird thought: After recently discovering so many strange ice cream flavors, could I find a turkey ice cream?

I can report that there is an ice cream associated with Turkey. It’s just not the kind I imagined. This ice cream has nothing to do with the bird or Thanksgiving and everything to do with the country. It seems that the Turks make ice cream a little differently than the rest of us.

Believe it or not, this is not taffy.

Unlike our ice cream, Turkish ice cream or Dondurma, is slow to melt. It’s also known for it’s unique texture and stretchiness. These qualities are due to Dondurma’s ingredients, salep and mastic. The latter, a resin, gives the ice cream its chewy characteristic while the former is made from the root of an orchid and is the reason for its resistance to melting. This seems to be quite necessary since Turkey is legendary for its sweltering summers.

Some of you may be disappointed that I couldn’t find an actual turkey-themed ice cream for tomorrow. I’d offer my apologies, but I’m really happy I didn’t. The lack of a fowl flavored ice cream is just one more reason to be thankful this holiday. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

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