Get Your Breakfast, Dessert and Nightcap in a Cone

The ice cream that's not to be eaten while operating heavy equipment.

It has happened to all of us. You skip the most important meal of the day because you’re running late for work. Never fear. Now you can catch up on breakfast, get dessert and a little hootch in one fell swoop…or should I say “scoop”?

The San Francisco based ice cream parlor, Humphry Slocombe, offers their version of a balanced meal with their ice cream flavor, Secret Breakfast. This is reported to be the shop’s most popular flavor. That’s little wonder since it contains toasted corn flakes and generous amounts of Jim Beam.

Humphry Slocombe seems to revel in ice cream concoctions that one shouldn’t consume when driving. Their rotating flavors include Boccalone Prosciutto Bourbon, Collaborative Evil Ale, Eight Ball Stout, Luna Blanca Ale, Guinness Gingerbread, Pop Coconut Ale, and Russian Imperial Stout. If you ever find yourself in Humphry Slocombe and wish to sample one of these spirited flavors, I have but one request: Please lick responsibly.

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