Ice Cream Keeps Bloodsuckers Away

Get your ice cold garlic ice cream!

I have discovered an ice cream flavor that’s certain to keep vampires at bay — not to mention just about everybody else. Wooden Stake Sundae? Nope. Sunshine Sorbet? Wrong again. It’s garlic ice cream.

While the reviews of this ice cream concoction appear positive, it seems to be a niche flavor found only where garlic is the motif. Here in the states, that would be a garlic festival. The Gilroy Garlic Festival in Gilroy, California appears to be the biggest and your best bet for getting a scoop of garlic ice cream.

The perfect end to a garlic meal.

If you happen to find yourself in Stockholm, London or Palma, Spain, you can drop into Garlic & Shots for a bowl of Garlic Honey Ice Cream. Of course, you’ll want to start off with the Curry Garlic Prawns followed by Garlic Steak with a side of garlic mashed potatoes. For those who like a little libation with their meal, you’ll be happy to know they have Garlic Honey Brandy.

The Stinking Rose is a wonderful garlic restaurant in Beverly Hills and San Francisco and serves up this dish with a caramel mole sauce.

If you don’t live in California or want to visit Europe or travel to a garlic festival, you can try this flavor at home. I won’t, but you can.

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