Meaty Ice Cream

This image makes my mouth water. Adding ice cream to it has the opposite effect.

There is nothing — I can’t stress this enough — nothing that makes me transition from “morning slumber” to “up and at ’em” more than the smell of bacon frying in the kitchen. My feet will abandon the warmth of my bed’s covers for the frigid floor with just a whiff of bacon’s alluring bouquet.

My love of this wonderful, crispy delight went up against my gag reflex when I heard about bacon ice cream. Happily, my love of bacon won. I’m not sure I’ll ever sample this one, but this flavor seems to be gaining fans. Apparently, most recipes call for candied bacon, maple syrup or both — which would seem to help.

You can find a scoop of bacon ice cream in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.

While there seems to be various ice cream parlors serving it, you can try making it at home. I found a few recipes that one could try. While I may attempt this concoction, I have a strong feeling the bacon will be consumed by yours truly before it has a chance to be worked into the ice cream batter.

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