Eat All Your Ice Cream, Then You Can Have Dessert

Popeye trying to give out his own version of spinach ice cream.

We’ve all seen the scenario played out time and again. Bluto is giving Popeye the pounding of his life. Popeye reaches into his shirt and pulls out a pint of ice cream. He chows down. His arms become spinning fists of fury. Bluto is clobbered into submission. Little birdies swirl around Bluto’s head as he lies slouched in a corner.

Before you point out to me that Popeye’s power comes from spinach, not ice cream, let me direct you to the ice cream flavor that will make every parent of a vegetable-averse child jump with glee: spinach ice cream. While you may say, “Yuck” (just as I did), spinach ice cream appears to be gaining in popularity. There are even a few ice cream parlors that feature it.

Nope. It's not pistachio.

My personal take on it is that one eats vegetables because they’re good for you and one eats ice cream because it’s just good. The two should never, ever meet under any circumstance.

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