Ice Cream for the Sophisticated Taste Buds

One of Philippe Faur's new ice cream flavors.

I’m not a complicated man. I have fairly simple tastes. This applies to every aspect of my life from my clothes to my car and especially to my ice cream. I never quite got the foods that people with more refined palates enjoy. Now I don’t doubt that the people who eat these “delicacies” truly enjoy them. It’s just not for me.

I think the dish most associated with sophistication is caviar. If you didn’t know, caviar is sturgeon eggs. And for those who don’t know what a sturgeon is, it’s a fish. So, it’s basically the last thing you’d put on ice cream. Unless, that is, you’re French ice cream maker Philippe Faur. Their caviar ice cream is one of their new “savory” flavors which also include fois gras, black truffle and saffron. None of which I’ll be ordering.

If you are someone who has a hankering for some caviar ice cream and you live in France, there’s good news. The good people at Philippe Faur can ship it to you for the low, low cost of 18 Euros for 15 milliliters and 118 Euros for 100 milliliters. That’s about $25 for a half ounce and $165 for close to 4 ounces. Enjoy!

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