There’s An Ice Cream For Every Taste

Vanilla ice cream. Everyone's favorite.

It won’t come as a surprise that vanilla is the most popular ice cream flavor. The number two spot goes to chocolate followed by butter pecan, strawberry and a host of familiar flavors. Not as popular, but just as yummy, are the unique and wonderful concoctions one can find in ice cream parlors and grocery freezers these days. Then there are the flavors that make me scratch my head in bewilderment.

These are the flavors that one would eat more on a dare than desire. They include seafood mixtures as well as fried meats. Although they sound made up, they are for real and I’ll be blogging about them three times a week, every week, in November. I have to admit that this will be one time I’m happy I get to blog about ice cream without being able to sample it.

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