One Whopping Sundae

A normal size sundae. No tummy aches.

At The Rock and Roll Malt Shop in Londonderry Township, Pennsylvania, you can get a sundae named the “Earthquake.” This is one behemoth of a sundae; 12 scoops of ice cream (your choice), cookie crumbles, chocolate and caramel syrups, and pretzels. It is then topped with whipped cream and cherries.

The best picture I could find of the record holding sundae.

While consuming the Earthquake would be a test of anyone’s consumption endurance, it would be a mere training run compared to the mother of all sundaes. I, of course, am speaking of the Guinness World Record holder of Largest Sundae. This ice cream titan weighs in at around 28 tons with over 44,334 lbs of ice cream, around 9600 lbs of topping, close to 200 lbs of whipped cream, and about 110 lbs of peanuts and cherries each. Palm Dairies, LTD of Edmonton, Alberta Canada created the record sundae in July of 1988 to celebrate their 60th anniversary.

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