King of the Scoops

Not even close to the world record for most scoops.

As far as ice cream cones go, most people are the single dip types. One dip. One flavor. Some go for two scoops in either the same flavor or, in culinary vernacular, ones that pair well together (how’s that for highfalutin talk?). Then there are those who go for the ultimate ice cream cone assembly, the triple dipped. Often, these individuals choose three different flavors without regard to appearance or taste combination (usually the small child type of person).

Terry Morris of New Zealand with his winning cone.

Well, Terry Morris of New Zealand puts every triple dipper to shame. Good ol’ Terry set a record of getting 25 scoops on a single cone. He did it on none other than New Zealand’s TV show, NZ Smashes Guinness World Records.

As a side note, if there are any American TV executives out there, this actually sounds like a fun show (hint, hint).

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