The Record Freeze

Liquid nitrogen ice cream maker at work.

During my Summer of Ice Cream Blog, I visited iCream in Chicago which uses liquid nitrogen to quickly create their ice cream concoctions.

It turns out that good ol’ liquid nitrogen is good for a couple of Guinness World Records as well. Peter Barham, a polymer physicist from the University of Bristol, UK, used it to set the record as the fastest ice cream maker. His time of 18.78 seconds beat the previous record set by none other than polymer physicist Peter Barham.

A NitroCream liquid nitrogen ice cream maker.

Back in the states, the company NitroCream offers an ice cream maker that uses liquid nitrogen. It holds the record for most expensive ice cream maker at $75,000. If the price tag scares you off, just remember that it is signed by the artists Robert Kennedy and Ward Goodell and makes your ice cream creations almost instantly.

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