End of Summer

Back in Pleasant Valley

I made it back to Pleasant Valley just in time for Labor Day. September 6 marked the end of summer for most people and the end of my Summer of Ice Cream road trip. I’ll still be blogging. I just won’t be traveling miles upon miles upon miles in the process.

The magical disappearance of an ice cream cake.

Speaking of Labor Day, my nephew Andy had his own Labor Day cookout in Chesapeake, Virginia. He served up dogs and burgers and, of course, an Uncle Harry’s ice cream cake (Is there any better way to end the summer?). The cake was cut, the call of “come and get it” was made, and the cake was practically polished off in less than five minutes. My nephew said it was the one time he saw the adults move faster than the teenagers.

Hopefully, you spent summer’s last hurrah eating ice cream as well. I’m not saying that’s the last time you get to eat ice cream this year. But I think a big slice of an ice cream cake (or a big bowl of ice cream) is the perfect way to end summer.

My nephew Andy, wife Donna and daughter Paige all after the same piece of ice cream cake.

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