Atlanta Ice Cream Festival

Sparse tents and sparser ice cream offerings.

Atlanta has caused me much fretting over the years. Since the citizens of this fair city are deprived of Uncle Harry’s Ice Cream Cakes (not found in any Atlanta supermarkets), I was unsure of their ice cream enjoyment status.

My hopes raised greatly when I heard that Atlanta was having it’s very own ice cream festival. Certainly, a city that is willing to celebrate this treat with its very own festival must have a rich ice cream culture.

Dairylicious Treats. One of three ice cream tents.

As I headed to Atlanta’s Piedmont Park, a feeling of gloom settled over me. While multiple tents were set up, only three featured ice cream. Other tents weren’t related to ice cream at all. I didn’t see any signs advertising that this was an ice cream festival. Even a local camera crew I spoke with didn’t know this was an ice cream festival.

My anxiety for Atlantans grew. Was this a reflection of Atlanta’s ice cream woes or an unfortunate anomaly? There’s only one way to find out. I will hunt down Atlanta’s ice cream choices and decide for myself. I’ve got my map and my spoon. Wish me luck.

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