State Symbols

Georgia's peach is a state symbol. Is the peach pie their state dessert?

Driving around this country alone has given me time to think. Some may say too much time to think. And, after what I’m about to suggest, you may agree.

I think one of our 50 states needs to make the ice cream cake their state dessert. Florida has the key lime pie. A very good fit. Indiana has the Hoosier pie. Enough said. Pennsylvania has chocolate chip cookies and Texas has the strudel. Now to be honest, I see strudels as more of a Minnesota thing, but that’s Texans for you. They do as they please.

The esteemed ice cream cake

Heck, schoolchildren in Missouri got the ball rolling to make the ice cream cone their state symbol. Can’t someone take up the cause of the ice cream cake?!

So, tell me, which state deserves the ice cream cake as their state symbol? This is the ice cream cake after all. We don’t want any slouchers. Give me your suggestions. Which state and why?

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2 Responses to State Symbols

  1. Hazel says:

    Virginia – because that’s where the BEST ice cream cakes were conceived!

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