The original Zaharakos counter.

Good-bye, Illinois. Hello Atlanta Ice Cream Festival. Well, that was the plan as I drove down I-65 to toward Saturday’s festival. A little tired, very hungry and about an hour past Indianapolis, I pulled off the interstate at the Columbus, Indiana exit.

I found a great parking spot immediately upon entering Columbus. Exiting the car, I looked up and was staring straight at Zaharakos. Call it fate. Call it dumb luck. Call it the intervention of the ice cream gods. Call it whatever you want, but I stumbled onto the most beautiful ice cream parlor. Technically, it’s a restaurant and soda fountain, but they serve wonderful ice cream treats, so it’s an ice cream parlor.

The restored counter.

Recently restored, this place has fantastic marble counters, beautiful wood details, swivel stools, tin-pressed ceilings and a working ornate automated pipe organ. Of course, you’re saying, “that’s nice, Uncle Harry, but how’s the ice cream?” GREAT! I enjoyed an ice cream soda and a banana split. Hey, I did state quite clearly that I was hungry.

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