Mad Ice Cream Scientists At Work

All that's missing is a fog horn.

When you walk into iCream in Chicago, it seems more like stumbling into someone’s science experiment instead of an ice cream shop. Metallic hoses extend down from the ceiling to large mixers that produce cascading clouds of fog.

This ain’t your typical ice cream shop. The basic concept is that you get to create your own custom flavor on the spot. We’re not talking mix-ins here. The ice cream is actually created on the spot.

One of the cream makers.

The process starts with you choosing between ice cream or yogurt and variations within (light, soy, etc.). Next, you get to pick a flavor and toppings. Lastly, you choose a color (so you can have green vanilla, I guess). They mix it up in a beaker then move it to the mixer where they hit it with liquid nitrogen. This is where the fog-making hoses come in.

While tasty, I’m not sure how this would play back home in Pleasant Valley. Based on the length of time I stood in line, it is a hit in Chicago.

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