Ice Cream Sundae Fight. Round 2.

Two Rivers' story of the ice cream sundae

Possibly the two all-time great names for fights have been “The Rumble in the Jungle” and “The Thrilla in Manila.” I’ve been working on a name for the ice cream sundae fight between Ithaca, Two Rivers and Evanston. Since I’m in Two Rivers, WI, how about “The Shivers in Two Rivers.” OK, I’ll keep working on it.

Two Rivers is the second town I’ve visited that claims to have invented the ice cream sundae (been to Ithaca, NY; Evanston, IL is next). The Two Rivers version of events has druggist Edward Berners creating one when customer George Hallauer requested ice cream drizzled with chocolate.

To back up their claim, Two Rivers has a newspaper article and recognition by the Wisconsin State Historical Society as the real birthplace of the ice cream sundae. As if they’d acknowledge anyone else outside of their borders.

The ice cream parlor in Washington House

To get my official Two Rivers Sundae, I made my way to the Historic Washington House. This 19th Century style visitor center has an old-time ice cream parlor along with historical displays. While I enjoyed my vintage experience, I really loved this sundae. I proclaim that Two Rivers is still in the fight based on this sundae.

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