New York. Home of the first ice cream parlor.

New York. If you can drive here, you can drive anywhere.

First, let me just say that it was good to have a name for my truck as I drove into the Big Apple. So far “Just Chilling” has survived New York City traffic. My nerves are a different matter altogether. It is slightly different than driving in Pleasant Valley.

Frayed nerves aside, I’m thrilled to be in New York City. This is where the very first ice cream parlor opened. As the story goes, a Mister Hall had an ice cream shop at 76 Chatham Street in 1784. Don’t bother looking for it. The shop has long since closed and Chatham Street is now Park Row.

Pace University. This is the approximate location of the very first ice cream parlor.

Apparently, Mr. Hall’s ice cream shop was quite popular with the father of our country, and habitual ice cream lover, George Washington. During his 15 months in New York, he racked up a bill of $200 at Mr. Hall’s shop. This was a small fortune in Colonial times. This begs the question; can you have a sweet tooth if your teeth are wooden?

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