Baltimore, MD

The Beehive

I’ve always been partial to the beehive hairdo because I think it looks like an ice cream cone. I rarely see beehives these days, but I got my fill in the Baltimore neighborhood of Hampden. The working class women of this neighborhood are called “Hons” (short for “honey”), and they don their beehives proudly. Way to go, ladies.

Baltimore is also home to Jacob Fussell. If you haven’t heard of Jacob Fussell before, try to remember his name the next time you’re enjoying some ice cream. He’s the guy who made ice cream affordable for everyone.

One of the Fussell trucks.

Jacob was an entrepreneur for his times. In the 1850s, he had a milk business with one big problem – he was often left with a surplus of cream. Instead of letting it go to waste, he started producing ice cream on a large scale.

Jacob Fussell and his ice cream factory reduced the cost of ice cream dramatically. Before 1851, ice cream was a luxury with a quart costing 65¢ (equal to about $30.00 today). Jacob brought the cost down 66% to 25¢ a quart. That’s a price worthy of a smile from a “Hon”.

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