One Whopping Big Ice Cream Plant

Dryer's Ice Cream Plant, Laurel, MD

Just outside of Columbia, Maryland is one of the largest ice cream plants in the world. The Dreyer’s Ice Cream Manufacturing Facility in Laurel is larger than 14 football fields and can store enough milk to fill ten Olympic-size swimming pools.

This plant makes ice cream for over 120 different products including Edy’s, Haagen-Dazs, Nestle and Skinny Cow. That’s a lot of treats that need to stay cold. The Dreyer’s plant must be a wonderful place to work especially when you consider the high temperatures the east coast has been experiencing lately.

Inside Dryer's plant.

Ice Cream Truck Naming Contest
We’re getting some great names in for the contest. Here are some of the entries so far. Keep them coming. Enter them below or email to

  • Just Chillin
  • Cake Mobile
  • Cool Runnings
  • Ain’t no Big Thing
  • C-O-O-L Cakeman Van
  • Cakemobile
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