Mount Vernon

Mount Vernon, home to America's greatest ice cream lover.

Just outside our nation’s capital is Mount Vernon, the home of our first president. This place is amazing. In addition to George Washington’s mansion, there’s a museum, education center, and a massive estate to explore.

Right about now, you’re probably wondering, “what’s this got to do with ice cream?”

It turns out George Washington was quite the ice cream connoisseur. So much so, that if interventions existed in the 18th Century, the founding fathers probably would have had one for President Washington.

George Washington probably never experienced the cold teeth sensation from ice cream since his were wooden.

I’m not implying George Washington’s ice cream habit should have been discouraged, but he did spend approximately $200 for ice cream in 1790. In today’s dollars, that’s $96,400. He also installed two “ice boxes” at Mount Vernon to store his ice cream. This allowed President Washington and his guests to enjoy this 18th Century luxury when the mood struck.

I think he would have enjoyed one of my ice cream cakes.

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